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Boost Your Business with Get Green, Human

Consumers everywhere are clamoring for organic products and Get Green, Human is one of the fastest growing names in the business. We’ve built a brand that will give you the best opportunity to push your sales to the next level.

The Industry's Best Value for Wholesale

We offer world-class, premium organic products at prices that provide your customers with the perfect balance of quality and savings. We combine our unique hybrid manufacturing process with pure, wholesome organic ingredients to guarantee all products are above industry standards.​ At the same time, we offer a lower price point than the other leading brands, helping to boost your profits.

Organic Products Have Unparalleled Growth

Analysts estimate that the organic industry in the U.S. will grow over 700 percent and be worth more than $23 billion by 2024. To stay on top, Get Green, Human is consistently introducing new product lines and breaking through the boundaries of innovation.

What Separates Us From Them

No fillers, no nonsense. Only the highest quality ingredients we’d give to our family and friends. We refuse to cut corners or compromise.






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