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We promote natural plant based products here at Get Green, Human™ because we have seen firsthand how life changing their effects can be!

That being said, the information here might seem overwhelming at first but try to remember - every one of our satisfied customers was once in your shoes!

We encourage everyone to start here before trying our products - education is key.

To simplify the process, we went ahead and came up with a simple Q&A with the most common questions humans tend to have on their way.

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"Just What I Need"

Alex W. (29)

5/5 for me. I first found out about you guys on Etsy and although I'm not one to post reviews often I really felt compelled to do so. I drink your tea everyday now and it really changed my life!


Danny G. (53)

This is IT. There's nothing that comes close to your tea. I have been drinking it for a few weeks now and I can definitely tell a difference in my energy levels - so much more stable than just chugging coffee like I used to

"Organic Tea That Does What It Promises... Finally!"

Kylie A. (31)

I'm so impressed with the quality of your teas. I've purchased a few of these with semi low expectations of how much it might help but WOW my only regret is that I wish I knew about this sooner.

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